Lameness and Performance exams

Sports Medicine support when and where you need it most

Lameness diagnosis and treatments are some of the most common procedures we do. A thorough physical examination and history are followed by observing the horse’s movement in hand and/or under saddle. Subtle lameness issues are frequently only appreciated when the horse is ridden. We focus on diagnosing the problem to restore freedom of movement and take away the source of stiffness and soreness. Our proven exam techniques, low-risk diagnostic nerve blocks and high-quality imaging investigate the source and are keys to our success.

Performance Exams

We listen to you, no one knows your horse like you. What if your horse is not lame, but is still experiencing performance anxiety or collection issues. Maybe we are moving really well and free of inhibition in one direction, but not the other direction. We are hunting for the source of these type of issues on a daily basis. We utilize acupuncture point scanning, chiropractic concepts as well as conventional diagnostics, such as gastroscopy, ultrasonography and under saddle evaluations to pinpoint the offending cause. Restoring the fluid relationship between horse and equestrian is something we do every day


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