Pre-Purchase Exams

Sports Medicine support when and where you need it most

Sports medicine diagnosis and treatment is a significant portion of our practice background. This background and imaging expertise allows our veterinarians to perform thorough examinations prior to a buyer’s purchase of performance horses. Our veterinarians work with local, regional, national, and international buyers in the acquisition of their investment. We work closely with your veterinarian at home and if the need arises, we can share results and digital imaging with them in a timely manner to help ensure a seamless transfer of ownership.

GameTime emphasizes the importance of evaluating your horse investment with genuine concern for the future welfare of the match between horse and owner. Whether you want a horse as a family pet, a pleasure mount, a breeding animal or a high-performance athlete, you stand the best chance of getting one that meets your needs by investing in our pre-purchase exam.


GameTime Sports Medicine is a different brand of sports medicine.